Peter Hoogland

Head Coach and Manager

Peter and Fred

  • A.I Certificate (B.H.S)
  • Manager Oakville Equestrian Centre & Centennial Stables
  • Over 20yrs teaching experience
Peter Hoogland has managed Oakville Equestrian Centre since 2005 and Centennial Stables since 2017. Peter holds an A.I Certificate (B.H.S) which he completed in 1991. He comes from a background of riding and managing competitive showjumping teams in both the U.S.A and Europe, and was fortunate to train with international riders such as Susanne Bond who competed at several world championships.

Peter coaches riders from beginners through to competitive show jumpers, and is available for lessons at Centennial Stables on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. To book a lesson with Peter call through to our office on 9360 5650.

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